Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Shower!

Saturday was the baby shower for our soon-to-be-arriving granddaughter.
Even the guys came to this shower....and I'm pretty sure they soon realized why men leave events like these to women.


  The Man of the House found a baby attending who also happened to have the same first name.
He held him the entire time and even got him to sleep.

I tried to talk him into taking little Man of the House home with us...but apparently the baby's mother was too near and the danger too great.

The happy parents-to-be, unwrapping the last of their wonderful gifts.

Little Mallory's gonna have some nice things!

And with the clock ticking for this baby to arrive; I'm gonna have to hurry and decide on a grandma moniker.   I need something to go along with 'Papa'. 
Right now on the list are:
Grandmama ('Gran' for short)


Any thoughts or other suggestions?

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