Friday, September 3, 2010

School Pictures

School time has arrived!
One of the first things I always begin with is school pictures.  I feel an urgency- before their summer tans fade, before anyone gets a Fall case of sniffles,  and just to begin the new year with great photos.  
For several years now, I've been taking my own school pictures.  
We used to have them done at Wal Mart...but I prefer a more natural setting.

I think at times my kids feel the grass is greener in a studio.
But when I point out the great cost people spend on outdoor sessions for senior pictures, they get over it.

As long as I get theirs printed in wallet size to send out to friends, they're happy. 
And I'm happy doing what I love- taking pictures of my family.

My oldest-at-home son, in 10th grade this year.  Growing up before my eyes and suddenly very critical about his appearance and school photos:

My youngest son; my baby boy.  He, too, is beginning to grow up on me.
He opted for a few photos with his favorite cat.

I won't mention the fact that we had to search his drawers for a few clean shirts.  This child's room is immaculate and he keeps his clothes that way, too.   He also thinks he can wear a shirt 4 or 5 times before it needs washed.   He keeps them that clean.  
But moms have different ideas about that.  I wanted him to wear something that was truly clean.  
Then we had to discuss clothing guidelines and start a load of laundry before his photo shoot.  (sigh)  Kinda takes the fun out of the morning. 
But what a handsome, sweet boy!

My oldest-at-home daughter.   6th grade this year and growing  into a lovely young lady.
I begged her to wear blue.  I had to-  it's her color. I could go swimming in her eyes.

She, too, is suddenly very critical of her pictures.  Worried about her hair and how she should style it.  What happened to my little Mophead who pulled out barrettes and pigtails and didn't seem to mind her hair in her face?
Apparently even little Mopheads grow into young ladies.

And this child- my baby.  Taking pictures of her is like taking pictures of a squirrel.
She can only hold still for 5 seconds...or less.   Her expressions change even faster than that!

I have more of her being silly than anything else- which is who she is most of the time.
I plan to take a few more, when I capture her in a quiet moment and the lighting's a little better.  That's the beauty of doing this myself- I can take them anytime, anywhere.

It's when I compare the new pictures to last year's or the year before that I want to sob like a baby.  

Anyone know of an invention for keeping  children small?
Shouldn't some of our tax dollars be going toward that kind of research? 
Just askin'.  

And in case you may wonder, all of these pictures were taken with our little digital camera:
  It's been a great camera.  Still...some day I hope to own something professional!

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