Sunday, January 5, 2014

Encouragement and Fortitude

Vess Barnes wrote that the purpose of life is,
"To encourage, to comfort, to awaken, and to stretch those who find themselves riding this big ball as it screams thru time in the silence of space. To be a bridge, not a barricade. To be a link, not a lapse. To be a beacon and a bolster; not a bragger or a bummer. To help bring the corners of life's lips to their summit. To be a friend to those who find their fit a little awkward in this chaos society calls living."    ~From How Heroes Endure Hard Times
I have done many difficult things in my life- things I never anticipated and would most likely have shrunk from if I'd known before hand just how hard they would be.   But, this is life!  It's not always smooth sailing- we grow by leaps and bounds when we meet challenges and either plod, plow or sashay through them.   My life's challenges may pale in comparison to another's, but they are tailor-made for me.
Looking back over the hills, mountains and valleys of the past, you see a beautiful pattern- a tapestry being woven.  One hopefully, of love and fortitude, graciousness and growth, forgiveness and strength.
I believe everyone has greatness within them.  We all have courage and kindness.  We can use our gifts to encourage and uplift,


give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

synonyms: hearten, cheer, buoy up, inspire, motivate, invigorate, embolden, fortify

 to give peace to those who are fearful,

 Freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations
 Inner contentment; serenity: peace of mind.
 In a state of tranquillity; serene: 
 Free from strife: 

and to comfort those in need.

 To soothe in time of affliction or distress.
 To ease physically; relieve.
 A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment.
 Solace in time of grief or fear.
Help; assistance
 One that brings or provides comfort.
 The capacity to give physical ease and well-being:

Forgetting about yourself and focusing on others or greater purposes can bolster the soul in difficult times.  A wonderful article to read is: How Heroes Endure Hard Times by Stephen Palmer.  I highly recommend it.  You can find it HERE.

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