Friday, August 13, 2010


This is a WARNING.

Daughters have a way of doing fun and silly things that could, potentially, affect your life.
In a BAD way.

Like when you have your house on the market and are awakened on one of the few It's-Still-Summer-And-I'm-Sleeping-In mornings by the phone. 
(There must be some sort of real estate Murphy's Law of which I'm not aware.)

Awakened by a realtor ready and waiting to show your house in an hour.  

You alert the family and begin a 45 minute breakfast to cleaning marathon.

Your husband happens to step outside on the patio down below and gasps as he sees this:

Yes, a 'crime' scene left over from their play the day before.

The Man of the House and I laughed ourselves silly. 
I mean, I thought things like this only happened in movies! 

Once again, children teach me to always expect the unexpected.

And how was your morning?

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  1. Jessica,
    That is hysterical!!! That's just the sort of thing that would happen at our house. When we were trying to sell ours, our kiddos would sabotage us...if they knew a realtor would be coming, I think they made a bigger mess than actually cleaning anything up!!! Made me crazy...but I guess that was their way of expressing themselves ~ kids! :)
    Hope your home goes fast and you can come back home! Stacey


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