Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Useful Beauty!

I recently gave into temptation and purchased another of these amazing prints for our home. 

Life Manifestos Education
These inspiring words say:

A movement is sweeping across the world. Not of protestors raging in streets. But of families loving and learning in consecrated homes.
Of devoted mothers who look into their children’s eyes and see future leaders. Of valiant fathers who thirst for greatness. Of youth who feel a stirring in their souls to renounce conveyor-belt mediocrity.
They hear the call of mission to seek truth, build strong families and communities, spread freedom and prosperity, create beauty, heal society.
Their Allegiance is clear. They will not compromise their virtue. They will not rest while they see need. They unplug from TV and tabloids to immerse themselves in the classics and engage with mentors.
They learn because they are inspired, not required. Compelled to grapple with life’s most important questions. To earn a Leadership Education. To innovate solutions for humanity. To learn more, become more, so they can serve more.
We are this generation of leaders. We will rise to our potential with an education to match our mission. And we will be the change we wish to see in the world.

It inspires ME, and I hope it inspires my family.  It's beautiful to look at and I believe wholeheartedly in William Morris' words;  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

I've fallen in love with these prints and posters- so much that I've signed up to be an affiliate. They can be seen and purchased HERE.
They're also having a presale on their newest idea- a Gratitude Manifesto poster. It's still being perfected with an image, but the inspiring message will be:

 "As I awaken each morning, I give thanks for ten things, people, or experiences in my life, and ponder what my life would be without each.

I take nothing for granted. I marvel at common miracles: the newborn baby, the growing seed, every beat of my heart.

Whenever I feel angry, frustrated, or discouraged, I count my blessings until I feel peace and joy.

When life does not meet my expectations, I thank God for the privilege of growth and find the opportunities that lie hidden within disappointments.

When faced with trials, I remember that, as gold is extracted from ore through fire, it is only through trials that I am purified.

When I see people struggling and in pain, I thank God for my own struggles, which have given me eyes to see and increased my desire and capacity to uplift others. My conscious, persistent gratitude is the catalyst for compassionate service, and the fruit of service is joy. I will be ever mindful of the needs of others, and I will be joyful." 

 Anyone who orders it before March 4th can have it for the sweet price of $10 with free shipping.  The details are HERE.
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Saturday, February 23, 2013


It seems I am always in the middle of a whirlwind called life.

My position is usually one of foot on the brake, frantically mumbling, "Wait, not yet, I'm not ready, wait!"
 Other times I am silent, at peace and in perpetual awe of the forces of living around me.

Children growing up- like my newly graduated 18 year old and my soon-to-be driving 16 year old.  
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They were little boys just days ago it seems.

Content copyright © 2013 by Jessa at Graceful Landing
 Content copyright © 2013 by Jessa at Graceful Landing

 Life changes as swiftly as the ticking clock around here; new babies in the family (or on the way!),  new self-realizations, struggles in the form of careers, car trouble, farm trouble, teen angst, or simply getting Spring here- now! 

I often feel I'm at the epicenter in our realm of existence- which through the years at times, has either drained me of energy supplies I did not realize I had,  or filled me with inspiration and joy unlike anything I've ever known.
 And yet...as each child grows and gains independence, more and more I wonder, 'what comes next?'  
Or more accurately, 'What will I do when they're grown that will ever compare?'

It's hard for me to imagine anything so fulfilling and challenging as raising a large family.  I've poured my heart and soul into the creation of this 'masterpiece' and instinctively I feel that nothing will ever compare to the beauty that is my crazy quilt of life.

Imperfect, yes-both myself and my crazy quilt, but oh, so lovely and rewarding.  The colors, the fine and coarse threads, the varied textures of fabric- every scrap bringing to mind a memory or scent or feeling.  
I think of the Japanese term, 'Wabi Sabi' or the beauty of things imperfect.

God in His infinite wisdom sent us to families because He loves us.  I know this. 

I  also know that families are not perfect, that growing pains are real.  
That teenagers can, indeed, cause gray hairs to sprout.  But they are wonderful.  (The teens)
That sleeping with your babies and toddlers is a beautiful thing.  There is no other time like it!
That mothers and fathers should be 'jump up' parents, not sit-on-the-couch-holler-at-your-kids-parents.
That hugs are amazing and heal a whole heck of a lot.

That I am still the lioness at the gate of my home.  As my children grow up and move on,  I will continue to stand for Truth with a capital 'T'
That what I allow in my home in the form of media and morals sets the tone for my family.  
That the 'most important work I will ever do will be within the walls of my own home.' ~ Harold B. Lee

I'm okay with that.  With knowing that creating and raising a family to the very best of my ability will be my wabi sabi masterpiece.   Everything else may pale by comparison.  Still, this masterpiece is a living, breathing, expanding one that begins to create on its own.  I will be a participating seamstress as well as an observer for the rest my life.  How cool is that?! 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Live Extraordinary!

There are so many amazing people in this world.  
Those who think, who act and then inspire others.
I want to share another amazing person, with amazing ideas.
His name is Stephen Palmer and he's created Life Manifestos.

  Wonderful, uplifting ideas with which to adorn your home and inspire your family.
  After deliberating over the many amazing choices, I bought 'Live Extraordinary' for each of my grown children for Christmas, as well as our own home.  I love it!
  Stephen Palmer also sends out a weekly inspirational emails.  I've enjoyed so many of them and look forward to their arrival on Mondays.  
Here's an excerpt from the latest, and be sure to click on the link at the end to read more of these inspiring messages:

"......El Dorado is an idea, a twisted hope embedded in the soul of man. It is the incessant quest for a free lunch, the foolish search for greener pastures, the deluded yearning for quick and easy shortcuts, the childish desire to get something for nothing.
As Cort├ęs sneered at the offer of land, we reject exercise and nutrition in favor of drugs and liposuction. Preferring overnight riches to earned wealth, we buy lottery tickets, gamble in the stock market, speculate in risky ventures promising high returns.
The illusory gold of romance gleaming in our wandering eyes, we pursue one relationship after another, only to become disenchanted with each when it becomes hard work. We abandon the fields of marriage to muck around in the mines of superficial passion and selfish lust.
Anxious for something new and exciting to enliven our daily routine, we frantically comb Facebook and check email. Wanting an easy path to open up for us, we wait for inspiration before acting.
For all such malcontent treasure-seekers, happiness, fulfillment, and success lie always around the next bend in the road, ever slipping through their fingers. They may not die of disease or starvation, but their hunger is never satiated and the sickness of El Dorado rots their soul.
We have been given soil to till, a purpose to fulfill. Our fields of purpose lie fallow as long as El Dorado makes our hearts beat faster and lifts our eyes to distant horizons.
The beginning of success is the realization that El Dorado has not, does not, will not ever exist except as dark and perverted fantasies posing as glamorous legends — the acceptance that there are no shortcuts, that nothing worthwhile comes quick and easy." 
  ~From The Cure for the Sickness of El Dorado, by Stephen Palmer

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