Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Words to Live by

Beautiful quotes- inspiring and, at times, life changing.

Victor Hugo has penned so many that I love and I feel compelled to add a few here.  For my own blog is a place I return to time and again to re-read the thoughts and experiences I've recorded.  My own and those I've added that inspire me.  This is a scrapbook of sorts, for myself and my loved ones.

"No one knows like a woman how to say things which are at once gentle and deep."

"Conscience is God present in man."

"Evil.  Mistrust those who rejoice at it even more than those who do it."

"There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees."

"To rise from error to truth is rare and beautiful."

 "A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."

"Forty is the old age of youth, fifty the youth of old age."

 "Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace."

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."

"When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes."

"Adversity makes men, prosperity makes monsters."

"Initiative is doing the right thing without being told."

"When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable.   There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age."

"One is not idle because one is absorbed.  There is both visible and invisible labor.  To contemplate is to toil, to think is to do.  The crossed arms work, the clasped hands act.  The eyes upturned to Heaven are an act of creation."

"Do not let it be your aim to be something, but to be someone."

"There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming. The forest glade would be incomplete without the humming-bird. To shed joy around, to radiate happiness, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of grace and harmony, is not this to render a service? Does not beauty confer a benefit upon us, even by the simple fact of being beautiful? Here and there we meet with one who possesses that fairy-like power of enchanting all about her; sometimes she is ignorant herself of this magical influence, which is, however, for that reason, only the more perfect. Her presence lights up the home; her approach is like a cheerful warmth; she passes by, and we are content; she stays awhile, and we are happy. To behold her is to live: she is the Aurora with a human face. She has no need to do more than simply to be: she makes an Eden of the house; Paradise breathes from her; and she communicates this delight to all, without taking any greater trouble than that of existing beside them. Is it not a thing divine to have a smile which, none know how, has the power to lighten the weight of that enormous chain which all the living, in common, drag behind them? Deruchette possessed this smile; we may even say that this smile was Deruchette herself."

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning

The Man of the House arrived home last night after a week spent with his mom and brother on the coast of Oregon.  Visiting relatives, cleaning family graves, reconnecting.

 Easter is an amazing time - how I love these 'stopping points' throughout the year.  Times to pause, ponder and pray.  We live such busy lives, full of many good things.  But I believe in the good, better, best principle.  It's the challenge of this era in which we live to choose and choose wisely what will fill our time.

 For me, personally, I try to fill my life with family, work, wholesome foods, books and activities. Even within these categories, there is still the good, better, best principle to apply.  It will always be a matter of finding balance.

This Easter morn, I am filled with gratitude for
Quiet spring mornings
Familiar faces of those I love
The gift of a strong body and mind
The usefulness of work and the brilliant effect it has on one's soul
Green life in the form of trees and grasses, newly sprouting vegetables and flowers
The comfort of a good night's sleep beside my husband
The sparkling eyes of a grandchild enjoying Easter's bounties
The laughter of my mother and her good sense of humor
My sister's constant, patient friendship
The opportunity to watch my children grow and mature
 Nieces and nephews whom I adore
Family....with all their quirks and weaknesses....they are beautiful to me
Peace of living in the country
The Atonement

The Atonement- Christ's gift to us.  At- One- Ment.  To be at one with His teachings, His wisdom.
Truly, in those rare moments when I think I have it, think I have reached my goals in living His ways, I know true bliss and deep peace.  
This may last for a few minutes to a few weeks as I am only human and mortal life has challenges.  But I have tasted it- and know it for the great gift it is if only in remembrance.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Matthew 11: 28-30

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Encouragement and Fortitude

Vess Barnes wrote that the purpose of life is,
"To encourage, to comfort, to awaken, and to stretch those who find themselves riding this big ball as it screams thru time in the silence of space. To be a bridge, not a barricade. To be a link, not a lapse. To be a beacon and a bolster; not a bragger or a bummer. To help bring the corners of life's lips to their summit. To be a friend to those who find their fit a little awkward in this chaos society calls living."    ~From How Heroes Endure Hard Times
I have done many difficult things in my life- things I never anticipated and would most likely have shrunk from if I'd known before hand just how hard they would be.   But, this is life!  It's not always smooth sailing- we grow by leaps and bounds when we meet challenges and either plod, plow or sashay through them.   My life's challenges may pale in comparison to another's, but they are tailor-made for me.
Looking back over the hills, mountains and valleys of the past, you see a beautiful pattern- a tapestry being woven.  One hopefully, of love and fortitude, graciousness and growth, forgiveness and strength.
I believe everyone has greatness within them.  We all have courage and kindness.  We can use our gifts to encourage and uplift,


give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

synonyms: hearten, cheer, buoy up, inspire, motivate, invigorate, embolden, fortify

 to give peace to those who are fearful,

 Freedom from quarrels and disagreement; harmonious relations
 Inner contentment; serenity: peace of mind.
 In a state of tranquillity; serene: 
 Free from strife: 

and to comfort those in need.

 To soothe in time of affliction or distress.
 To ease physically; relieve.
 A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment.
 Solace in time of grief or fear.
Help; assistance
 One that brings or provides comfort.
 The capacity to give physical ease and well-being:

Forgetting about yourself and focusing on others or greater purposes can bolster the soul in difficult times.  A wonderful article to read is: How Heroes Endure Hard Times by Stephen Palmer.  I highly recommend it.  You can find it HERE.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Parenthood- The Joys

Aah, the joys of parenting.  Too numerous to count and, at times, too humorous as well!

I'm getting a kick out of seeing my daughter and her husband experience the...well, EXPERIENCE.
Here's a great video to enjoy!
If the frame is partially cut off, watch it in its entirety Here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Pathways

 “When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open.”
~ Alexander Graham Bell

Having lived in many different places, I have come to deeply understand how you can leave some of yourself behind when you move away.  Memories become just that- no longer living in a certain home or town, you can't look to a spot and say, "That is where we picnicked."  or "Remember when she took her first steps right there?" 

 There is a beauty in living in one town or home or area from the moment you marry and begin to raise a family.  Your family and children can have deep roots and combined memories of that place- because virtually everything happens there.

 While we have had many adventures in different states, for the most part we can't visit those places and reminisce when we feel like it.    It's rather sad, honestly.

I have always enjoyed the art and thoughts of Mary Engelbreit.  Her artwork above struck me recently.  I realized that it really is easy to look back, regretfully and longingly on closed doors and past roads.   Does this add to my life in any way?  To long for things I no longer have, to wonder what life would be like now if we had chosen differently?

 That, my friends, is a recipe for misery.  

We all make mistakes, life throws us challenges and new opportunities. 
 We carefully make choices based upon the knowledge we have at the time they're presented.   
That's truly all we can do.  

 The last home we left was amazing.  We were so blessed to be surrounded with the comfort and beauty of the place, the peacefulness of the land that filled our souls.   I've had many a pang of regret for having left.  

We made choices.  We chose to move closer to family, to move back to an area where we have strong roots and are surrounded by good people. 
 Because those things really matter.
  Has it been easy?  Definitely not 
I have longingly pined for my past home as we waited almost two years, living in a furnished rental.    I have missed my Ponderosa pine trees and green grasses and snow-covered hills as we've tried to wrestle out an existence in a drier, wilder climate.  
Every step of the way, this new place has been difficult.  We've had our doubts and have wondered, why?  
Why is everything so hard, when we felt sure of our plan to return here?

Little by little, we are being comforted.  God is revealing that His plan for us is better than what we thought we wanted.   As we've let control of the details slip through our fingers a little at a time, we are shown more and more that He is mindful of us, He knows what will make us happy and if we just allow it, He will take care of things.

I can't tell you how good it feels- to let go of the reins of life somewhat, get out of my own way and know that my Father is caring for me. 
I am learning to look forward to doors that are opening, new pathways being cleared.  
I am thankful.

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