Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Indian Legend

While camping at John Martin Reservoir, we visited a neat historical site. 

The plaque tells this story:
"In the 1830's Cheyenne indians hunted buffalo on the windy, short grass prairie that surrounds John Martin Reservoir.  They knew the flat, dry land well and knew the few distinguishing landmarks.  So when a young Cheyenne warrior needed a refuge with a 360-degree view, he chose this rock formation.  
  According to local legend, Red Shin lived in the Arkansas Valley in 1833.  When he got into a fight with another warrior over the affections of a woman, Red Shin armed himself with two flintlock muskets, a tomahawk, a bow and arrows and butcher knives and climbed to the top of the rocks. 
  Other warriors joined his rival and attacked Red Shin from the valley below.  Red Shin was unafraid, and he held his ground until the attacking warriors realized their assault was futile.  
 In honor of Red Shin's bravery and refusal to give up, this formation of Dakota Sandstone is known as Red Shin Standing Ground."



You never know in what remote place you might find an interesting piece of history!


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