Friday, April 19, 2013

So True!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Looking Up

Back in 2011, I wrote here and here about our preparing to move.  At that point we'd already had our home on the market for some time.
TWO years later, after moving across four states, living for a summer in our 5th wheel- stationed at my mother-in-law's- which was cramped but fun if you minus out the teenage annoyance, then renting a large, furnished home that has been quite spendy to heat and cool, we are finally getting ready for our own home. 

It will be:
-Smaller than we're used to
-On land that was previously a farmed field, so we are starting from scratch with trees, shrubs  and lawn
-Cheaper to heat and cool
and, most importantly, our very own.

We were at a scout auction the other night and the Man of the House laughingly told me he was about to bid on a set of handmade birdhouses- until he remembered we don't have any trees.
 He then quickly asked me not to cry.

I didn't cry.  I am looking up.  Looking at my incredible blessings, looking at all the beauty around me, the hand of the Lord in our lives for these past 24 years.  Excited to be moving in on the cusp of Spring, ready to put a garden in.  Ready to beautify my home, make it my own.
I am very blessed, indeed.

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