Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Five Generations

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 I am a fifth-generation Oregonian on my mother's side.  Say that fives times fast!  

My Great-great grandfather, Morgan, traveled west to Oregon- following his Uncle William, who was an indian agent. 
We have deep Oregon roots.

So when I gathered my girls and my niece for a spontaneous trip to visit our loved ones there, I was happily surprised to have everything fall into place.  Like we were meant to go.  

Seven women, ages 67 down to 4, traveling together.  Singing together.  Grumbling here and there but always enjoying eachother's company.  It was grand!

I crossed something major off my 'bucket list.'  A five-generation  photo with my grandmother, mother, oldest daughter and granddaughter.   (And me, of course)  

Not a perfect, studio portrait.  None of us as thin or fit or young as we'd like to be.  (With the exception of the 4-year old.)  All of us slightly hot and sweaty on an August day.  

It was wonderful.  So we took a few more.

And one of the granddaughters with their great-grandparents:

It was a memorable trip and one that I will cherish forever.

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