Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon

I'm sure virtually everyone has heard about New Moon coming to the theater.

Two years ago, Mom gave me a copy of 'Twilight' to read as I flew to Denver to look for a new home.
   I glanced at the cover; pale hands on a black background, holding a red apple.
  "Really?"  I asked her.   
"Try it. I've heard it's really good"  she said.

So I tried it- starting  in the Boise airport as I waited for my flight.
And I read it- in between looking at houses in Colorado and spending alone time with my hubby.  Basically, every spare minute for the next two days.  
I was instantly hooked.  Mainly, because having grown up on the Oregon Coast, the scenic backdrop of Forks, Washington took me back there.
I felt I was in my old town, at my old high school, etc. 
And a teenager again...only in love with a vampire.   Weird.

I rather shamefully thought I must be the only grown woman on the planet who felt that way.  
Very funny. 
I now know, of course, that MANY women have enjoyed these books.
So when I found out that a large group of women had rented out a special time for the showing of New Moon, I was in like flynn.
And, because my daughter's friends were going to be there, I let her come with me.   She felt very grown up.  I felt pangs of motherly doubt.
But, we had fun!


It was fun to be a part of this large gathering....and the movie was good, too!  
(The books are still better)

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