Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandma's Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

My grandma's Thanksgiving Fruit Salad.  I make it every year- and usually for Christmas,too!
 Simple, great textures and not too sweet; this is a wonderful dish.

You'll need bananas.
Normally I prefer unspotted bananas....but I couldn't get them this year.
In any case, these were just fine.

You'll also need mini marshmallows, heavy whipping cream
and red/purple grapes.  Seedless, if possible. 
  For some reason, this year I accidentally got seeded grapes.  This brought back many memories of removing the seeds at Grandma's house.  It was a privilege to be considered old enough to sit at the table with the grown ups and help remove the seeds and make the salad.
Because back then it was hard to find seedless grapes.
  They were a luxury and very expensive.


I told my little girls all about it.  
And recruited them for the special honor of  doing the grapes.  

While your sous chefs are doing the grapes, start your whipped cream.
I made extra as I use what I don't need for pumpkin pie and the like.

Pour your cream in a bowl


Add about two teaspoons of vanilla.

Add sugar- about a cup.  
You can taste it after mixing and see if  you want it sweeter. 
Mix until it reaches the right consistency for whipped cream. 
Just don't over mix, or you'll have butter!

Slice up your bananas and add them to your grapes.
You don't want to slice up the bananas until you're ready to combine everything.
Otherwise, they may turn brown. 


Thrown in your marshmallows.


Now add your whipped cream.
Fold it in and incorporate everything. 

Wasn't that simple?  

Cover and refrigerate until serving.
And enjoy!

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