Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is Coming...

Christmas is in the air!

We headed downtown to our local Christmas festival.

Stopped and visited with the Grinch & Cindy Lou Who


Saw real live reindeer

And my last little child interested in sitting on Santa's knee, did.

And declared he might be the real thing.
 She inspected him rather closely, as lately she has become rather jaded.   

She told me, while waiting her turn, that she would like to ask for an ipod.
I told her I was pretty sure Santa wouldn't think ipods were appropriate for children her age.   So she changed it to a Teddy bear.
(she has a thing for stuffed animals)

The boy in front of her went up for his turn. 
He was about six.  
He asked for a cell phone.
Santa's helper asked him how old he was, in disbelief.  
My girl went next and asked for a Teddy bear.  And got smiles of approval.

I think she felt relieved about the ipod thing.

We wandered around and even sauntered into the library
to return a couple of books and check out a few more.
I can't ever pass up a library run. 

I love small towns!

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