Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Week in Review

We've been busy!
With the world around us on the cusp of spring, I've been enjoying a renewal of energy and activity.

Here are a few things we did this past week:

We held our annual birthday celebration for our little dog, Abby.
(She's five)
This party is faithfully held every April Fool's Day.
Faithfully held, because a certain little girl never forgets!

And, because by April we're getting anxious for spring weather; we're ready for a party of any kind.  
The cupcakes were for the human folks, the specially prepared dog food 'cake' for the dogs.
Abbs, wearing her party dress, was more than willing to share her cake with Annabelle, who'd begun to feel left out.

Chuck was invited and had even sent an R.S.V.P.....but he decided to head to the farm next door and roll in cow manure instead.  Thus, he was immediately UN-invited.

 Bread baking 101 with the girls on a relaxed morning

(Whole wheat!)

      Sewing valances for the sunroom

Creating a raised bed in the garden
following Mel Bartholomew's 'Square Foot Gardening' concepts.
I can't wait for the seeds to sprout- the soil is like butter!

And watching an adorable little blue-eyed girl for the afternoon.

Along with all the usual activities like school, home maintenance and soccer, it's been a rather productive week, I'd say!

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