Friday, April 29, 2011


We've had a go-cart for many years- ten I think; but it's been pretty much out of commission for the last three.

The Man of the House decided that this spring it would be fixed.
(He had a lot of persuasive help from the kids)

Over the past two days, they've been working on it.  Painting, welding, putting in a different name it,they fixed it.
They learned a lot, those kids.

While tweaking the throttle the first day, and before the brakes were fully done, the go-cart took off up the road...with my daughter on it.

At first she started laughing, looking back to see her dad and sister running after her.  Then she began pumping the brakes, trying to stop it on her own.
Nothing worked and she was barreling up the road, beginning to panic.
Finally, The Man of the House caught up to her and was able to kill the engine.  
She told him, "Dad, I was just getting ready to let go and say, "Jesus, take the wheel!"  
(Like the Carrie Underwood song)
She laughed and said that song was going through her head and it sounded like a good idea.

The brakes were fixed.

Finally ready to go, each of the kids took turns on it last night and were thrilled to have their go-cart back.
Some a bit annoyed that their bodies had about outgrown it, others happy to be big enough to drive it at last.

I love the looks of trepidation as she tries it out for the first time:

She quickly realized that the brakes work great and the throttle is fully under control.  Not to mention it's now covered in cool-looking flames!

The kids are thinking of the fun they'll have now that it's done.

The Man of the House is thinking of the fun they'll have now that it's done...and how cool it looks. 

As their teacher, I'm thinking of the skills they learned while welding, painting and doing engine work on a school day.
As their mom, I'm just hoping that no injuries will occur.


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