Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Spring Break

This past week, The Man of the House took two of our children on a mini-vacation.
They went camping.
A little early for swimming and the fun of camping in summer weather, but they enjoyed themselves all the same.

They fished, played, ate and fished some more.
Who wouldn't appreciate a schedule like that?
They also explored and let out some of that pent up energy from a too-long winter.

This son and daughter were able to spend some quality time together.
Typically, she and her older sister tend to band together against their brother; turning down his offers of fun while they do their own 'thing'.  
This trip allowed the two of them to rely on each other  and reconnect.

Doritos, Mac n' Cheese and soda...while not on my list of nutritious foods, they can certainly bring kids together in junk food delight! 

 Fishing and later, counting and cleaning their catch of trout.

Trips like these- even over a weekend- do so much for the body and spirit.
Being immersed in nature is such an important part of a nutritious childhood.

Camping with Dad, roasting food over the fire and listening to the frogs croak at twilight before snuggling up in sleeping bags for the night....these are the things of which cherished memories are made!

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