Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm thinkin' the above saying might be true...

I've seen it often on cute signs and wished I had one back in the day when our own small house was bulging at the seams with active children and not enough closet space!

Today, however, was spent reorganizing and deep cleaning a house that is quickly becoming much too large.  
 We still have four active children at home
and our oldest daughter stayed with us for the past month with her husband and newborn daughter. 
Which we enjoyed immensely!

But the truth of it is; our family is downsizing.  It may take a few more years but at some point, it's just gonna be me and the Man of the House.

All those years yearning for a spacious family home...and now that we've got it, we constantly hear the children reminiscing about the years spent in our smaller, cozy dwelling.

For me, cleaning this large house from top to bottom has sold me on the idea of a more modest abode.
Something large enough for big family gatherings, room for hobbies and sturdy enough to grow old in.
Something in which to create family memories...and stay there so long they have time to really sink in.
'Cause there's nothing I dislike more than uprooting and leaving behind memories of my family: painting over their marked heights on the wall, leaving the spot where they took their first steps or even a much-loved pet buried on the property.

I used to dream of having two living rooms- one for the family and one for guests.  So my children, who back then were constantly bringing their clothing in to dress and stringing their toys and projects out, would be confined to the messy room. 
I would have a lovely sitting room for visiting and quiet reading, reflecting on life and enjoying a crackling fire.
Now I realize sitting rooms are pretty much for...sitting. 
And gathering dust.
Everyone still enjoys the energy of the real gathering room.  Messy or not.

It also helps that my children are no longer streaking around the house in their skivvies on any given morning.
It's funny, isn't it, how your perspective changes?

I'm thankful for this experience.  Without it, I may have continued to pine away for a large home.  I may have battled a bit of envy every time I drove by spacious family domiciles.
Lesson learned.

I'm a fairly quick learner.

Now to get this house sold.

Next lesson for me to learn: PATIENCE.
(Please let this lesson be quick!)

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