Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Dog

Shows her loyalty every day.

And she has a special loyalty to her girl.

Remember the movie, E.T. ? 
Remember how E.T. and Elliott could feel each other's feelings?

That's pretty much how it is around my house....with these two.

Abby (the dog) is beside herself if her girl ever cries, gets hurt or even squeals in fun.

She's been known to growl semi-ferociously at those who wrestle with her girl or do anything that looks dangerous.

She has courageously eaten green beans slipped stealthily under the dinner table, been dressed up in not-so-flattering outfits, and used as a friend/pillow/hankie when a crying girl needed one.

She dresses up every Halloween as a side-kick.  Last year, she was a companion witch... or a witch's BFF.   The year before;  Fairy Dogmother to a princess.

This year, she opted to have her girl be the sidekick.  She was a witch...her girl her very own black cat. 
I wonder, when we pulled the witch costume out of the bucket, if she didn't think:
"This old thing?!"

This dog waits patiently a lot.
Sometimes not so patiently.
Sometimes shivering and whimpering under her breath.

Watching and waiting for her girl to come in.
Confused that she cannot always follow, cannot always ride in the car, cannot be in on sleepovers at friend's homes.

She waits...happy to see her girl having fun...watching her every movement from whatever window makes itself available for a view.

Waiting to greet her with kisses.

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