Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Arrival

Look what just walked into my life.

Okay, maybe meandered, plodded or shuffled are more apt words.
Because this little guy doesn't prance, skip or sashay- that's for sure.

But he does melt your heart into a puddle. Doesn't he?

I mean, just look at those ears! And yes, they feel just like they look.

Don't you just wanna gobble him up?
Or at the very least make him smile? Tell him a joke or stand on your head or something?

Or just stand there and watch him sleep.... Hush, puppy.

I've wanted one of these for about a year and a half. But The Man of the House didn't think it was the time. Life can be busy, you know. And we do have other animals. But, we also have plenty of children to love on them. So we waited until the time felt right.

And it finally did.
Meet Chuck.


  1. Ryan say's to tell you that everytime he looks at Charlie he gets depressed (by his sad eyes). I think he is adorable, and my heart is in a big puddle when I look at him!!!

  2. Okay, that is the cutest puppy that I have ever seen. Great blog, Jess. Thanks for sharing.


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