Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Great Pacific

Aah, the Pacific Ocean at its finest. On the right days, when the weather and tides cooperate, it's simply a paradise. When the weather is foul, it can be miserable! Having lived on the coast for much of my life, I don't think I had full appreciation for the beauty there. Nope, I needed to move away to more barren country to realize just how abundant the foliage is in Oregon. I never wished for a tree in my life until moving away. I must say, however, that every part of this great country has its own beauty.

It's just that the ocean and its beaches are so amazing, breathtaking, poetry-inspiring. And so very adaptable.

Consider the following:
It's the perfect backdrop for any photography.

It brings out the marine biologist in every kid.

The cold, salty water is great for extracting both screams of delight and horror at the temperature, not to mention just plain awe at the bravery of some!

Every beach has its own uniqueness, collecting shells at one, combing for special rocks (agates!) or just warming up.

It brings out the artistic side of children.

It helps children focus on earthly properties.

It's a free playground designed by a loving Creator.

It soothes the soul and inspires the mind of the modern teen.

It's a great thing to share with others- there's plenty of room!

Its memories are something to tuck away and think on during a snowy winter's eve.

It causes cousin collaboration.

All that and more! Not to mention, when you take a closer look, the beauty goes on forever:
The Oregon forest and foliage spilling almost down to the beach.

Okay, this isn't a closer look. But the solitude of The Man of the House out there deserves to be shown.

The fog lifting over the cove.

Simple and complex patterns and textures that delight your eyes, feet and hands!

Amazing sea creatures.

These verdant grasses felt smooth as silk to my bare feet.

Mussels: just a side note- my kids took a couple back to camp to cook and try. They weren't impressed. (And when they cooked, the meat was fluorescent orange...who knew?)
And, of course, the traditional starfish. My favorite.
The Oregon Coast is a wonderful place. I was married to my sweetheart there, brought forth three of my six children within its boundary; not to mention had another in the works. No matter where I wander, the salty sea air, abundant rain and green green forests and foliage are always with me.

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  1. I am so jealous - I grew up going to Portland every summer and the coast was my favorite place to be! It looks amazing! You are a fantasic photographer, your photo's are brilliant! LOVE your blog!!

  2. Thank you! I do think every bit of the Oregon coast is beautiful, I'm just partial to the area I know well. :0)


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