Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Useful Beauty!

I recently gave into temptation and purchased another of these amazing prints for our home. 

Life Manifestos Education
These inspiring words say:

A movement is sweeping across the world. Not of protestors raging in streets. But of families loving and learning in consecrated homes.
Of devoted mothers who look into their children’s eyes and see future leaders. Of valiant fathers who thirst for greatness. Of youth who feel a stirring in their souls to renounce conveyor-belt mediocrity.
They hear the call of mission to seek truth, build strong families and communities, spread freedom and prosperity, create beauty, heal society.
Their Allegiance is clear. They will not compromise their virtue. They will not rest while they see need. They unplug from TV and tabloids to immerse themselves in the classics and engage with mentors.
They learn because they are inspired, not required. Compelled to grapple with life’s most important questions. To earn a Leadership Education. To innovate solutions for humanity. To learn more, become more, so they can serve more.
We are this generation of leaders. We will rise to our potential with an education to match our mission. And we will be the change we wish to see in the world.

It inspires ME, and I hope it inspires my family.  It's beautiful to look at and I believe wholeheartedly in William Morris' words;  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

I've fallen in love with these prints and posters- so much that I've signed up to be an affiliate. They can be seen and purchased HERE.
They're also having a presale on their newest idea- a Gratitude Manifesto poster. It's still being perfected with an image, but the inspiring message will be:

 "As I awaken each morning, I give thanks for ten things, people, or experiences in my life, and ponder what my life would be without each.

I take nothing for granted. I marvel at common miracles: the newborn baby, the growing seed, every beat of my heart.

Whenever I feel angry, frustrated, or discouraged, I count my blessings until I feel peace and joy.

When life does not meet my expectations, I thank God for the privilege of growth and find the opportunities that lie hidden within disappointments.

When faced with trials, I remember that, as gold is extracted from ore through fire, it is only through trials that I am purified.

When I see people struggling and in pain, I thank God for my own struggles, which have given me eyes to see and increased my desire and capacity to uplift others. My conscious, persistent gratitude is the catalyst for compassionate service, and the fruit of service is joy. I will be ever mindful of the needs of others, and I will be joyful." 

 Anyone who orders it before March 4th can have it for the sweet price of $10 with free shipping.  The details are HERE.
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