Monday, February 11, 2013

Live Extraordinary!

There are so many amazing people in this world.  
Those who think, who act and then inspire others.
I want to share another amazing person, with amazing ideas.
His name is Stephen Palmer and he's created Life Manifestos.

  Wonderful, uplifting ideas with which to adorn your home and inspire your family.
  After deliberating over the many amazing choices, I bought 'Live Extraordinary' for each of my grown children for Christmas, as well as our own home.  I love it!
  Stephen Palmer also sends out a weekly inspirational emails.  I've enjoyed so many of them and look forward to their arrival on Mondays.  
Here's an excerpt from the latest, and be sure to click on the link at the end to read more of these inspiring messages:

"......El Dorado is an idea, a twisted hope embedded in the soul of man. It is the incessant quest for a free lunch, the foolish search for greener pastures, the deluded yearning for quick and easy shortcuts, the childish desire to get something for nothing.
As Cortés sneered at the offer of land, we reject exercise and nutrition in favor of drugs and liposuction. Preferring overnight riches to earned wealth, we buy lottery tickets, gamble in the stock market, speculate in risky ventures promising high returns.
The illusory gold of romance gleaming in our wandering eyes, we pursue one relationship after another, only to become disenchanted with each when it becomes hard work. We abandon the fields of marriage to muck around in the mines of superficial passion and selfish lust.
Anxious for something new and exciting to enliven our daily routine, we frantically comb Facebook and check email. Wanting an easy path to open up for us, we wait for inspiration before acting.
For all such malcontent treasure-seekers, happiness, fulfillment, and success lie always around the next bend in the road, ever slipping through their fingers. They may not die of disease or starvation, but their hunger is never satiated and the sickness of El Dorado rots their soul.
We have been given soil to till, a purpose to fulfill. Our fields of purpose lie fallow as long as El Dorado makes our hearts beat faster and lifts our eyes to distant horizons.
The beginning of success is the realization that El Dorado has not, does not, will not ever exist except as dark and perverted fantasies posing as glamorous legends — the acceptance that there are no shortcuts, that nothing worthwhile comes quick and easy." 
  ~From The Cure for the Sickness of El Dorado, by Stephen Palmer

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  1. Jessica,

    What a beautiful gift you gave to your children!!! Thank you for sharing this...You may just see it on my wall one day as well! ;)



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