Monday, October 24, 2011


I spent Saturday evening snapping photos of my adorable nephews and niece.  Several of them have the most beautiful shades of red hair.
I am still amazed that not one of my six children were endowed with red or auburn hair.
Especially considering the fact that my father has red hair, my maternal grandfather had red hair, two of my brothers had red hair growing up (that darkened to auburn later), I have numerous red-haired cousins as well as an aunt and my husband's grandmother's hair was auburn. 
I felt sure that the genes were strong enough to come through my line.  I was wrong.

So I get to enjoy the various shades of Red/Rouge/Rojo/Rosso/Ruby/Garnet/Scarlet (you get the idea) in my extended family.

They also look exceptionally lovely this time of year!

And, speaking of redheads, I recently heard about Redhead Express; a traveling, singing family.  
Check out their website Here!

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