Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeschooling: Choices

We've been involved in home education since 1997.  
That's a really large chunk of my motherhood.

However, it never ceases to amaze me how amateur I feel about it all.  
I see mothers who are sure and focused and that's that. 
I, on the other hand, tend to vacillate.

My ultimate goal as a mother has always been to help my children reach their potential, to find their missions in life and to be happy while also making the world a better place. 
I strive to teach them compassion for others and to help them train their consciences to be ever aware of right and wrong.    (Because in this modern day and age, the line between right and wrong has become ever so gray!)

When making big decisions, it is always done through careful study and prayer.  Always.
So- why do I hesitate, doubt myself and anguish when, on one rainy day, a child says they wish they were in public school?   
As if the kids attending there only have loads of fun.
As if it's a perfect paradise of smiling teachers, spelling games and recess.
As if junior high kids don't have hormones flying about haphazardly causing girls to cry in their rooms at night and boys to come home feeling like losers.  

There is NO perfect solution to the education of my children. 
Every choice has pros and cons.
They weigh heavily on me at times.

But I know this:  Life is short and I want to spend every moment that I can making fun memories with my children.  
I want them to look back and know that our family life was organic, that it was real and meaningful.  
I want them to know how to find answers- through study and through prayer.  
If they have learned how to work, how to serve, how to set goals and meet them, how to love and how to learn- I will be content.

So on those rainy days, when a child is yearning for something different, I will help them catch that vision.  And I will remind myself in the process!


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