Sunday, September 12, 2010

King Canine

We have a Newfie.  His name is Tucker.
He is large.
He is gentle and sweet.
He drools sometimes.
He loves all humans and animals equally.
He is large.
Did I already mention that?

When we got him, he was just a little fella.

A little puffball that slept most of the time.

But he grew and grew and grew some more.
He is quite majestic-looking.

 This summer, we had to shave his back half. 
He likes water- alot.  And when he gets wet and hot....he gets hot spots.

He looked ridiculous, but felt great.  

Now that his hair is growing back and the weather is cooling off, I decided to take him on a walk.  
He's 2  1/2 and with Newfoundlands, you have to wait until they are two or older to take them on long walks.  Once they've finished growing and so not to strain their joints.

So we took him on a 2  1/2 mile walk around the country neighborhood.
He loved it!
One thing we noticed though, was that every dog knew he was coming.  
Normally a few dogs bark here or there when we walk this route.  But this day, they could smell Tuck coming and every dog around was at their property line, barking like crazy.

The funny thing is; as we neared each dog land-owner, they did the same thing.

They would wait until we got close, then turn to the side; bowing their heads slightly and averting everything but one eye, which they kept right on Tucker. 
 He, in his happy-go-lucky joy to be out walking, didn't seem to notice much.  
Every house/driveway we came to, the dogs adopted the same stance. 
I felt rather like I was walking  Mufasa from the Lion King.

I may have even held my head a little higher, my nose slightly elevated.  
Okay, maybe not.  Maybe I was just laughing over the courtesy paid to such a large dog.

A large, loveable mass of canine humanity.


  1. What a great dog! We have a large dog as well. He is only 7 months old, but has surpassed our other dog. He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and will take about 3 years to get fully grown. Is your dog an indoor dog? Ours is. It's interesting having a dog the size of small cattle inside.

  2. I love Swiss Mtn. dogs. Our Tucker is inside and out- mostly out lately as we have our home on the market. He truly does take up a lot of space inside and is never in a big hurry to move. :)
    Thanks for commenting!


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