Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where is my sun?

While my world looks a lot like this lately:

And there is certainly a lot of beauty to be found:

 In a Yucca plant peaking out of the snow,

 Pinecones on Evergreens,

The stark beauty of a Crabapple tree in winter,

A patient Lilac bud waiting for Spring,

And the deer- Oh the deer!

Majestic creatures so fun to watch...


 Even if they do eat the alfalfa belonging to our steer.


But with all this winter wonder, I still am wanting.....

I'm wanting SUN!  Warm, radiant sunshine! 

Here is a little, peeking through the trees

But I'm wishing for REAL sun.  Summertime sun.


See the difference?

Yeah, I thought so.  

I guess I'll have to be patient.   

But places like Mexico, Jamaica and even Arizona are calling my name.  



Not that I've even been to two of those places. 
But somehow they still know my name. 

And they're calling.....

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