Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sad Day

I haven't posted in a while.
And there's a sad reason for this.

Just a few short days after blogging about my beautiful Newfie, Norah, she passed away.  Very unexpectedly.

Apparently, she had Twisted Bowel Syndrome.
And we had no idea.

She was always low,low energy.  She was often picky with her food.
This was her normal way.

And she was such a sweet, gentle dog- she would never complain if she felt ill.

We lost a good friend and loyal dog.
We cried. And cried.

And on that terrible day, I loved The Man of the House more than ever before.
You see, he was just as upset as I was.  
Just as confused and downhearted. 

And yet: He refused my help in burying her- did not want me to have to see her.  Buried her beneath a Ponderosa Pine tree, in a special spot.  Came in and hugged me for a long time,held our sorrowful girls in his arms while they cried.

There is something about quietly walking up to the bedroom door and seeing the back of your husband; sitting on his girls' bed, holding them- two pairs of arms entwined around his neck and quiet sobs muffled by his strong shoulders- that binds you to him forever. 
If you weren't already bound before, that is.

But this is a tribute to Norah. I am finally ready for it. 
She may have been with us only a short time- but she left her sweet impression on us forever.





An open letter to Norah:

Dear Norah,
 I miss you so very much.
Your SWEET spirit and GENTLE ways will never
be forgotten.
You made Gentlewood Farm what it is.
Your unconditional love is a treasure I will value forever.
Rest in peace, SWEET girl.   




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