Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My baby is seven years old....for just a few more months.

I find, that as each of their childhood years draw to a close, the need to hold on to my children just a bit tighter, to hold them on my lap (even though they're too heavy) a few more times, to mention their age more than is needed.

To contemplate the traits of each precious age.

The silliness that is seven...

The joyful exuberance for life....where the biggest worries are whether or not you have to eat broccoli at dinner, if your sibling called you 'dumb' or if you really have to grow up and not live with your parents some day.

But most of all....

The teeth of a seven-year-old. I think I love this the best.
And for some reason, I can't wait to carve pumpkins this Fall.

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