Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlie the Hound

This is how Charlie spends most of his day...

(He's actually sleeping in that position!)

Gotta love that extra skin....

His life is ruff, REALLY RUFF!
When he's conscious, he does actually play, too. He even chews on things he shouldn't.
He can be naughty.
But when he chews on us we get to say things like, "Ouch, Chahlie! You bit me...and that really huht!" Just like the adorable boy on youtube.
(If you haven't seen that yet, visit youtube and search for 'Charlie bit me.' )

Or, because my children LOVE to listen to 'Hank the Cowdog' stories on CD, we can make up Hank-esque songs about Charlie.
Such as:
"Charlie Brown, don't you frown....stop sniffing the ground and you'll be a good hound. Charlie Brown, do you hear that sound? I know you're low to the ground and you can't swim or you'll drown..... You get the idea.
The girls love it.

His official name is Charles Huckleberry. And we call him Charles, (when in trouble) Charlie (when he's good) and Chuck (when we want him to hurry....which is most of the time).

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