Thursday, September 3, 2009

Before and After

This daughter of mine has always had quite a head of hair.
When she was born, she really stood out in a nursery full of blondes and baldies.
Okay, it wasn't full, there were only 4 other babies in there. Still, she really stood out.

Not only that, but her eyes and complexion were quite dark. When I sent first photos to my mom, several states away, she said she looked like a baby straight out of the Andes Mtns.
And asked if there could possibly have been a mix up at the hospital.

Nope, I was positive she had come from me. I was there, you see.

Over the next few weeks and months, she started to really look like herself.
All of my previous children had also been born with dark hair.
And then it would fall out and come in blonde.
I completely expected her to do the same.
She had other ideas.

And she had masses of dark hair. The Man of the House affectionately referred to her as 'Mophead'.
She was one of those children who didn't mind hair in her face.
No matter how I tried to keep it in pigtails or barrettes, she would take them out and return to her 'Mophead' state.

This is at about 3 1/2 years old, on a day that I decided to curl it a bit.
And she ended up with big 80's hair.

And this is just last month.
At an age when she doesn't want to care for her long, thick hair and begs on a daily basis to cut it.

However, her father loves his girls with long hair.
He never had any sisters- maybe that's why.
But he really loves it. And tells us so. And makes us feel pretty that way.

But I was caving.

I'm a big believer in carefully choosing your battles with children.
I've learned that the hard way.
And I have to hear the begging all day long.
And it's only hair, for heaven's sake. It grows back.

So- I cut it.

And she's oh-so-happy!
I think it's adorable.
And her father hates loves it, too. :0)

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