Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

 Thinking of my grandma today.  
A new  year begins and I have a fresh perspective on the span of a human life- the souls they touch, the beauty they add to the world.  
Grandma added a lot of beauty.

 Thanks to her, I have been given:

A love of photography
An appreciation of art and any artistic skills I may possess
A broader perspective on motherhood and the preciousness of my children
Bed-making skills
Canning skills
Love for animals and a responsibility for their care under my stewardship
Love of gardening and making an eden of my own backyard
Appreciation for what I have and reminders to take care of what I've been given
The ability to drop boring practicality at times in exchange for seeing the world through magical eyes

Grandma taught me so much- from table manners to oil painting, remodeling homes to family history...she was a do-it-yourselfer in every way.  

She had the loveliest lilt to her voice, and reminded us always that you can lift others with your words...and that unkindness or crass comments were not appropriate.

She cheered the underdog and fiercely protected the weak, was no-nonsense about rudeness and taught that 'pretty is as pretty does.'   

She gave me my mother.

Thank you Grandma.  2016 will be a great year because I'm your granddaughter and I won't forget.

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