Saturday, May 25, 2013

Learn As You 'Go'

Live Extraordinary by Life Manifestos
I'm a big believer in taking advantage of learning moments.... and a captive audience.   My older children joke about the times alone in the car with me, vehicle moving, when I'd bring up sensitive topics to discuss.  Things like body changes and the Birds and the Bees.  They could sit and squirm, but they listened!

Another favorite has been the use of teaching tools for the captive audience in the, ahem, bathroom.
My learn as you 'go' method, you might say.  : )
Through the years, I've posted items of interest,  ideas to memorize and inspire.
My two biggest complaints in renting a home or having a home on the market are these:  painting over or erasing my children's heights off the wall and not being able to hang learning tools in the bathroom.

Every once in a while,  I casually ask my kiddos if they've learned anything from the educational wall art.  At times I've seen eye rolls, or heard flat-out 'no', but mostly I have learned that they do absorb the information.

This afternoon, I overheard my two youngest daughters laughing over the discovery that they both had developed their own songs to the words on the above poster.  This poster being one of my very favorites from Life Manifestos.  I heard one daughter, singing her tune to the words, "Be an intiator, not a criticizer. Be a player, not a spectator."    Then my other daughter, laughing, singing her own tune to, "Make every day an adventure.  Keep your word, no matter the cost."
Hearing this, I asked them if they read it every time they're in the restroom.  They both said yes and then went on to tell me that they and their brother have also been paying focused attention to the Periodic Table of Elements I recently added to the wall.
From posters of the solar system or wonders of the world to famous art prints and quotes, all I can say is-
 It works!

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