Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Like My Life!

I'm thinking today about this youtube video:

 In following her lead;

I like my life,
I like my family,
I like my house,
I like my hair,
I like my room,
I like that I don't have to sell a home,
I like that I am free to care for my new home any way I please,
I like my husband,
I like my future (and I'm learning to be okay with the past!),
I like that I still have piles to unpack and find a place for- and I can take all the time I need,
I like my freedoms,
I like that my garden is planted,
I like that summer is here and school is out this week!

Recently, I heard a woman speak to a room full of teenage girls and she mentioned the above video.  She said that no matter how many affirmations people shower upon you, all it takes is one or a few negative messages to make you discount the good, true affirmations. Most of the time, those negative messages come from ourselves!
 Why is it that negative messages or thoughts have so much power?
 Don't we know that we are are special?  That our uniqueness is grand?

I'm challenging myself to focus on what I like and love about my life; leaving out the negative, focusing on the positive.  Quitting comparing myself to others when I am already niftyGiving myself a whole lot more 'Atta girls' rather than allowing silent criticisms to fester in my brain and body.

Here's to being ME and loving it!

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