Saturday, April 28, 2012

While pondering what to post about today, I glanced down at my desk.  In our family, if you leave a paper on the desk, it will most likely get written on.

No matter that it was your travel itinerary or grocery list in the making, your power bill or special drawing- it became fair game when you left it for two or more consecutive days next to the computer keyboard.

It will now be covered in anything from html code to grocery lists, website information to silent insults for the sibling on the computer.

On my desk now is a paper that began as an advertisement written by my youngest.  It originally said, "Come Visit Your Local Pound! We have lots of cats and dogs!" Then a heart drawn around faces of a cat and dog and, at the bottom, the location written like this:(Greage)   
Which is supposed to be (Garage).  

This was from last week.  She made a ton of these and posted them everywhere- much like circus fliers.  I did in fact visit this local 'pound' in our garage.  She had our cats and dogs in various kennels and we all took turns carefully choosing and purchasing one.  

Later, as any good homeschooling mother would do, while cooking dinner I nonchalantly quizzed her on the spelling of several words-one being garage.    

One of these advertisements ended up next to the keyboard.  
One the backside, it now has a list written by another daughter.  A list for me while I was on the phone.  It says this- in her cute, round, junior high penmanship:

Couple of things:
#1- The water's boiling!
#2- Who are you talking to?
#3- Am I making the Tuna Noodles?
then a pretty, squiggly line separating the top from the bottom of the page before it continues:
Answer #1-

Answer #2-

Answer #3-

That is the backside.

On the front again- now written over the top of the local pound flier- is this message, written very, very small:
Dear G, even though you hurt me I still love you!  I think it's time to open up our time capsule.  My note will explain a lot.

Then- from G: I think not.

J.- Too bad Chica, I'm going to open it up right now~  You can either come or you can stay.  I need your answer then I am going 2 get my shoes on.
Then some kind of half message written in a crazed frenzy over everything else: 
 ...or I'll kill you!!!


Our desk can tell you a lot about our family.  It's kinda messy but functional.  There are items like cameras and pencil sharpeners, a box of Skittles for spelling bee rewards, bracelets the girls left behind, a broken crayon, a book listing 101 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog , crumbs from some eaten snack, scissors and glitter and glue bottles.    Amazingly, there is rarely a pen or pencil to be found here.  (Where do they end up?  I'd really like to know.)
It's comfy and cozy, I guess.   
And it's fun sometimes to really Look at what's around you.  You can kind of read between the lines and those spaces  tell a lot.

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