Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Morning

I am listening to wind chimes.
Chimes that draw my attention outdoors- to this beautiful spring morning.

The windows are open, the breeze fresh and comfortable, the sun shining perfectly.

I want to inhale this new day;  fresh and full of potential, with no mistakes, no worries yet finding their way to me.

I am letting the children sleep in a bit, then we will continue to read Old Yeller out on the porch. 
We will have a late breakfast, then check on our science project, proceed with math lessons and reading.  I will quiz them on their knowledge of human bones and dictate poetry for their copy work.  
Our day will fill quickly with lessons and very-needful-cleaning-of-the-house.   

Hopefully, by day's end, we will no longer have a refrigerator leaking noxious fumes, our week's supply of homemade bread will be established, clean clothing will find their way into my girls' drawers and the toilets will once again sparkle.

But for now, I am soaking up this morning, listening to the Meadowlarks and other birds feeling the same way I do. 

 I'm watching the hens cackling in delight as they rush out to find new insects and other goodies to dine on. 

 Watching little Tag enjoy the first spring of his young life- everything new and full of wonder, frolicking as only baby goats can. 
(Now to just keep him from doing his frolicking on top of our car!)

I'm exchanging my Old Friend moccasins- truly my winter friends- for the soft grass under my bare feet.  I'm Breathing in every fresh green smell and thinking of a song I learned as a little girl.  I found the most beautiful video portraying it.

(Be sure to pause my playlist music in order to hear this.) 

If you can't see the entire video, click here.

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