Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Month

At our house, the month of February is filled with birthdays- three of our own, plus numerous aunts and cousins.  

Growing up, it felt as if February belonged to my sister and I.  Our birthdays, three days apart, were often celebrated together.   That, along with the fact that February's birthstone is purple, made me feel as if it were a month for girls.

Then my sister and I both had sons born in 'our' month.

The funny thing about being a mom is that instantly, you are more than happy to share a treasured thing with your children.   

I happily and joyfully celebrated the birthdays of my two boys over the past two weeks.  

One son, on the verge of being a man, brings humor to our family on a daily basis.  He is a gentleman- the kind of guy you'd want your daughter to date.  Seriously. He's sweet to his sisters and helpful to all of us.  Kind, charming, generous and fun to be around, he has a strong conscience of right and wrong and lives by it.

My youngest son (my baby boy) has a ready smile at all times, can be on the serious side- he's a man of few words for the most part- but a deep thinker.  He has ambitious goals and a loving heart.  He often sees life in black or white, but fights for the underdog and hates injustice.

These babies of mine- now young men- make my heart swell with joy. 
 Where did all those baby and toddler and little-boy years go?  Once upon a time, they seemed they'd never end.  

All those days and years of picking up after them, washing mud and jam off their little bodies, hugging them close when they got hurt and praising all the of the neat rocks and sword drawings and other items they brought to me for inspection.

Nights of bathwater splashed everywhere and jammies to be zipped, stories to be read, questions to be answered and backs to be scratched.   How I would give to have one more day with them as little boys, their arms wrapped around my neck, giggling or snuggling with me.

Time with children is precious!

Promise to myself: I will do my best to not take for granted any of the time I have left with them in my home- before the grow up and go out into the world as men.

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