Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One of my favorite months....this is the time of year to be out in the mellow sunshine, working in the yard, riding bikes and taking walks.
To be sitting on the porch, reading a good book or having a picnic with the children outdoors.
I love to look outside, hearing the wind chimes moving in the slight breeze and see my sheets on the clothesline.  There is nothing better than sleeping on freshly laundered  and sun-dried sheets and pillow cases!

I love this quote:

"Oh no, I never do much ironing, except the outside clothes. We must not iron out the fresh air and sunshine, you know. It is much more healthful not to, the doctors say. Seriously, there is something very refreshing about sheets and pillow slips just fresh from the line, after being washed and dried in the sun and air. Just try them that way and see if your sleep is not sweeter." 
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Give old-fashioned sun-dried clothes and sheets a may just love it!

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