Thursday, June 2, 2011

Multiple Choice

May was a crazy month around here because:
A. We experienced heavy snowfall
B. We got a new puppy
C. My daughter turned twelve
D. We sold our house
E. All of the above!

Can you guess the answer?

                                Puppy love is very real.
                       It also breeds jealousy on occasion
                        but, all in all, it's a very good thing.

                                      ((Meet Finley June. ))

                          My little girl is a young lady now.

                     She and her friends are growing up.
                  (But they still know how to have fun!)

           I mean, what's a birthday party without a friend being tied  to a tree?

                              And finally, we sold our house.  
Lots of mixed feelings here- I get a little vaklempt when I think about it too much.  Lots of good memories here, great friends made and I will miss my backyard views.

Right after we made the deal, a powerful thunderstorm swept over the house.  I waited for it to pass before heading to the store to pick up a few things.  I was feeling a tangle of emotions and was even a little shaky.

As I started to leave the house, a brilliant rainbow appeared, then became a double rainbow.  
This picture can't possibly do it justice.
As I slowly crept down our road, not wanting to miss a moment of it, I looked around the neighborhood.  No one seemed to be out witnessing this event.

I suddenly felt that it was for me.

Okay, maybe there were others it was meant for as well...but I experienced an amazing feeling of exuberance and peace.
A knowledge that a new chapter is ahead and that everything will be alright.                  
Life will feel somewhat 'normal' again.
I will be able to truly focus on only one or two or five things at a time.
I will wish once more that I had something to do...because I'll be maybe just a little bit bored.
This intensely stressful period of my life will become nothing more than a distant memory; with good lessons learned.
I will look back on this time with wisdom and gratitude and a new outlook on the simple things of life.

But for now, there is work to do!
(Just a warning that my posts may be a bit sporadic over the summer.)
Thanks for bearing with me.   : )

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