Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tumultuous Spring Break

This past week has been interesting.
We relaxed, enjoying our Spring Break.  We took the kids out to eat, did some work on the house and even vegged out in front of the tv. 

Pretty typical stuff.  Nothing major. 

But, also during the week:

Our good friends' teen daughter was in a major 4-wheeler accident.  She's lucky to be alive and has lost a kidney as well as her spleen.    Their family's Spring Break plans were severely deterred and we all felt great worry for her.   Many prayers have been said on her behalf.

Two days after the accident, our local area had a wildfire.   I've seen many on television, but have to say this is the closest one has ever come to me and mine. 

We could see and smell the smoke and even saw an occasional ash.    We waited and watched all afternoon to see if they got it under control before nightfall.
We were told if it spread further, we would have to be evacuated.  
Luckily, the wind died down and it was over 60% contained by bedtime.  
Still, I slept with the phone on my nightstand.

Wildfires in March?  This does not bode well for the drier summer ahead. Yikes!

Tomorrow begins our new school week-back to business around here.
We end this rather tumultuous break feeling rather grateful our home is intact, our children are healthy and safe and ready to return to a schedule.

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