Wednesday, March 30, 2011

El Gato

This handsome feline is awaiting his sentence.

I love cats and we have two of our own....but lately we've had a problem.

Not only is he and another male spraying our windows, but every night they start a rumble with our cats.
Several evenings, as it was growing dusk, I saw he and his buddy slink out of the ravine and come stealthily prowling up into our yard.
My daughter laughed that they were like gang members, looking for trouble.

I thought of this scene from West Side Story:

Several of our neighbors have complained about them as well.

So we took matters into our own hands.  We're not about to let the neighborhood go down from their trouble.  
What is that quote by Ghandi?  "Evil reigns when good people do nothing" or something along that line.
: )

We caught him with a simple can of tuna.  He was extremely annoyed this morning that he fell for our trap. 

At first, we made sure he was, in fact, a he.  Because if he was a she, she was really pretty and we wanted to tame her.  
My girls sat out on the deck this morning in their PJ's, feeling sorry for him/her.  I checked- he's a he.  

So- now he awaits his fate.   We're giving him some time to think about his dastardly deeds.
It will be simple and painless....a quiet trip further out into the country....near a few farmhouses.   We'll let him out to start over, begin a new life.
It's our own version of the Witness Relocation Program.  

Next, we'll be waiting for his friend.

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