Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Days Before Christmas!

The Man of the House is on his annual pilgrimage.  Every year, he makes a mad dash with children in tow to find me the perfect Christmas gift (s).  

This year is no exception.  They loaded up this morning (the kids love it!) and headed for town.  They usually make a day of it- stopping to have lunch together,etc.  Even our grown daughter and new granddaughter went.

Me?  I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while working to get the house clean and orderly for Christmas.  It's really warm out, so I have the doors and windows open- enjoying the fresh breeze spreading throughout the house.
I may or may not still be in my pajamas at 1:30 in the afternoon.  
I may or may not have eaten three pieces of fudge while cleaning the kitchen.
I may or may not have gotten sidetracked from my work by two phone calls, a neighbor boy stopping by and the uploading of new precious pictures of my new granddaughter.  

And, since I am a grandma....I get to post a few more pictures of our sweet little Mallory, now three weeks old:

 Uploading photos of her and sharing them keeps me distracted from the intense desire to gobble her up.  She is that yummy.

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