Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of Life's Most Amazing Experiences!

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Okay, I'm ready to talk.

Ready to share my amazing recent experience.

Seeing the birth of my granddaughter!

First, I have to say I was full  of mixed emotions.  Worried about my daughter and the health of the unborn baby, excited to be a part of the birth process once more- even though I was on the other side of it, so to speak.    Nervous to meet this precious little girl.

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Can you be nervous about meeting your granddaughter?  I certainly was.  

So nervous and full of emotions that I was literally vibrating with anxiousness and excitement.

But most of that was all before I even reached the hospital!  
Once there, I happily realized that my girl had an incredible epidural (say that five times fast!)  and was virtually pain-free. 
At one point, towards the end of labor, I was feeling a little jealous and wishing upon her just a teeny bit of pain.   Just to get an idea of what real labor feels like.    'Cause, ahem, I only had an epidural with my sixth baby....and it didn't work properly.    Now, after seeing the incredible work of that pain reliever, I'm all for it.   Especially when it involves my own sweet daughters.  
: o)

She did feel some pain during transition- but the anesthesiologist was called in to administer a bit more meds.  This pretty much took care of the pain...although she still felt pressure.  But by then, it was time to push.
My original plan, when my daughter asked for me to be in the room, was to stay in a back corner or near her head....wherever she needed me most.  She also invited her dad to be there...and he stuck with the original plan- back in the far corner.   I, however, was cast as a main supporting character in that the nurse ordered me to hold one of my daughter's legs.  Her husband held the other. 
And there we were, as this beautiful baby girl came into this world. 

During the process, I would occasionally meet eyes with my husband.  His, large and round with worry and helplessness as he paced the floor in his small corner.  Mine may have been mirrors of his own- I only know that virtually every emotion that a person can feel was winding its way through my heart and mind.   
 At one point, in the break between pushes, my daughter laughed and said, "This feels like a dream." That, is exactly how I felt, too.  

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And then, little Mallory came into the world and the nearest description I can think of is Christmas morning as a child.   Wonder, excitement, rainbows and butterflies, humbleness, gratitude and extreme tears of joy....just a few things that I experienced.  And my beautiful daughter laughing and saying sweet things to her new daughter.  
Then, seeing a new family created: Father, Mother, Child.   
Truly, our Heavenly Father in His wisdom knows that a family can be perfection on earth.

Later that day, after we left the new family together at the hospital, my husband and I reflected on the experience.  Trying to wrap our minds around the fact that not only had we been a part of that amazing  event, but we were now, in fact, grandparents.   We held hands on the way home and quietly contemplated  our blessings.  
The marvelous circle of life continues and our family tree begins to branch out.

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  1. God bless you!What an amazing thing to be there for the birth of your new little granddaughter!

  2. Jessica,
    I am soooo happy for you that you could be present for the birth of your granddaughter...I was able to be with our daughter for both of her babies and it was an amazing experience. I could not have described it any better than you just did. You brought back so many memories for me! It is such a new feeling, to be a Grandma, my little ones call me Grammy and it is adorable. At times it still doesn't feel like I could possibly be a Grammy, but I am so grateful.
    Enjoy :o) And thanks so much for sharing your feelings during such a special time!

  3. That brought tears to my eyes. How sweet. Congrats to all of you! I hope someday my daughter will want me in the room...lol.


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