Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunshine and Cheer

The weather around here the past few weeks has been a little crazy.  
80 degrees one day, snow the next.
Even the old-timers around here are shaking their heads in wonder.

Emotional ups and downs seem to go right along with the craziness in the weather.

I don't know whether it's the desire for being outdoors, lack of Vitamin D or what, but it seems each week that someone in our family has a bad day. 

The trick seems to be; to take TURNS!  

I came across these quotes, which I've printed and put on my fridge.
I thought others might enjoy them as well:

"Of course there are times of sorrow. Of course there are hours of concern and anxiety. We all worry. But the Lord has told us to lift our hearts and rejoice. I see so many people . . . who seem never to see the sunshine, but who constantly walk with storms under cloudy skies. Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine" ~Gordon B. Hinckley

"We came into this life for experience, and that's all we can take out of it. Thank God we have the right to decide personally and individually what we shall do. The future belongs to those who know what to do with it. We must look forward to the unknown with optimism and confidence; look to tomorrow with happy expectancy, realizing that with God's help we can do all things. We need to constantly build faith in ourselves and those about us. We need to personally make dark days brighter. Isn't it a joy, a lift, a light, to see someone with heavy challenges and burdens moving forward to victory in the only contest that really matters!~ Gordon B. Hinckely

And this great one as well:

Cheerfulness and content are great beautifiers and famous preservers of good looks. - Charles Dickens


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