Tuesday, May 18, 2010


                                  Our Kit Kat Extravaganza
                                  birthday cake we created.

Around here, we have birthdays quite frequently.
Each child looks forward to their next number in life, hoping the current year will pass quickly.

I remind them that childhood goes by way too fast, that they should enjoy the age they are.

I remember my grandmother telling me the same thing when I was eight or nine and couldn't wait to be twelve.  Twelve was grown up to me.

I was just as impatient to reach each new milestone as my children are.    

So I try to soak up and enjoy the fleeting time of each new age.

My little girl just turned eleven.  I was finally getting used to her being ten!
Here she is, now on the brink of young womanhood.  

Ladies (and Gentlemen), if you have little ones at home, drop what you are doing and go kiss and play with them.
  Let them show you rocks and bugs and ask all the questions they want.
Ooh and aah over every drawing, let them help you cook in the kitchen, let them help you clean and don't redo their work afterward.  
Look into their eyes, breathe them in, hold their little bodies and feel the soft skin and hair.  

Because babies don't last.  And neither do toddlers or preschoolers or children in general.

Here are pictures from my daughter's day:

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