Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whatever happens today....this is the plan.

I love homeschooling.
Particularly September through December.  
January is okaaay.
But by February/March/April.....I'm usually tired and running out of steam.
And wintry weather never helps. 
Not so much different from the days when I was in school.

This year is no different- except that it's a bit worse.
Because showing your house adds a large stress component.  

Basically, I don't know how to keep an immaculate house and teach/guide my children at the same time.  
They're like oil and water.
Living in a house 24/7, teaching with books and maps and papers and pencils and having a life just doesn't mesh with an immaculate house. 
Especially one that must look homey but not exactly lived-in.
And life doesn't go on hold.  Daily routines and duties must still be done.

So we try to take life one day at a time; which is difficult because you can't plan anything too far in advance.  
And so very often our school day is disrupted by a phone call;(or two or three)that people will be arriving. 
At least after-school activities are in the evening!

Take this weekend for example: We cleaned up for a showing and went out to the camper to watch a video and just hang out for the hour window that they would be here. Several were sick with colds but being troopers about it all.

They left and we grabbed our things and headed back inside. As we walked in, I noticed the answering machine blinking.
Yep, another call, another showing- within the hour.  
We pretty much spent the day in the camper.  Some napped, some watched Pirates of the Caribbean. 

We are all learning patience. Whether we want to or not. 

And today I was led to this message.
Which is what I needed so very much.
To take away some of the guilt
And frustration.
To bring me some peace.

I hope it brings some to you as well.

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