Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chuck Gets Snipped

Charlie got neutered yesterday.

Poor guy- upon entering the vet's office, (where he'd never been previously) he was greeted by two cats who looked at him disdainfully before promptly ignoring him.
Never having been given the cold shoulder before, he continued his efforts at friendship.
They ran off and hid.
(They live in the office)

He was a trooper.  
Sweet and friendly to the vet staff, he made it through surgery with flying colors.

The girls and I picked him up later that afternoon.
He was rather groggy- still heavily drugged.

We got him home- he made it as far as the foyer,
then slumped in a heap.
My girls, wanting to be kind, brought dishes of food and water
to him, right there in the foyer.

A few minutes later, unexpected company arrived at the door.  The kids invited them in and called for me. 
They just wanted to pop in and say "hello."
Because they couldn't stay,I stood in the foyer, talking to them
for a few minutes.
We discussed Charlie's predicament.
Discussed the weather, friends we knew,etc.

In the midst of our conversing, I glanced down at Charlie on the floor.  He was so out of it, lying there.
To my utter horror, I realized that he was so out of it, he had decided to 'let it ALL hang out'...if you get my drift.

If you don't get my drift, you're luckier for it.

I immediately tried to distract their eyes with questions and conversation.  It wasn't working very well.  
Charlie, being a Basset, likes to be very vocal with his whines and groans.  And he was doing both.
After a few more extremely uncomfortable minutes, the company left.
Mortified, I scooped him up and deposited him elsewhere.

Remind me again why I opted for a male dog?
Anyone at all?

He is kinda cute, I guess.  And when he looks at me like that I can't help but love him.

I'm not sure what he thinks of being changed into less than a full man.
Let's ask him.

"Charlie, what do you think of the neutering process?"
"Are you glad it's done?"
"Can you just enjoy your existence now, as one of our family?"


"Come on Chuck, don't ya know we love you and that it was for your own good?"

I thought so.

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