Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saying Goodbye

This weekend our family is traveling out of state.
We are traveling to pay our respects to my husband's father; a man who died too young.

It is a strange thing: A living, breathing person passes on.
And his life is now reduced to memories, photographs and things he left behind.
Perhaps more importantly, people he left behind.
His sons and his daughter, his grandchildren, his relatives and friends.
His legacy.

Life is a fleeting thing. All the hopes and dreams of childhood.....

The love and care of your parents and family....

Growing up and discovering your world and who you are....

Creating a family of your own....

Experiencing fun and adventure in life....

Making memories with your loved ones....

Finding your hobbies and talents.....

Making people laugh...

This is a man who had a strong work ethic, a love for the outdoors, and a sense of humor.

And while it's not respectful to speak ill of the deceased, I don't think he'd mind at all to hear me say that he was also ornery, cantankerous and stubborn as all get out.
In fact, I think he'd be pleased.
Maybe it's his southern roots, his own personality (see above) or the people who molded and shaped him through his formative years.....but he was definitely a character.

A few favorite quotes of his:

"It blew my skirt right up over my face."
Translation: I was surprised.

"The buttons are popping off my chest."
Translation: I'm proud of you.

"Come here, Honyock."
Translation: Come here, child/grandchild.

Thank you for my husband. I hope we'll meet again....

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