Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween- and book winners!

Happy Halloween!

I spent my early morning (4:30 am) feeding horses for someone out of town...and stuck in her driveway in the snow.
I had to call The Man of the House halfway to work, to come rescue me. 

In all fairness, it was a long, steep driveway and very deep snow!
Long story short, I finally got home- tired and deeply, deeply annoyed with snow in October.

Not a good way to begin Halloween day.

However, things have perked up.  I took my three youngest trick-or-treating downtown, and am getting ready to take them and several others through the neighborhoods soon.

And then,
And then,
I am going to bed.
No scary movies for me, and maybe not even any chocolate.
I need sleep so much more.

But first: I need to announce the winners of my homeschooling book contest!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my blog.
And, because I'm so thrilled for having someone read my little ol' blog, I'm going to give away three books instead of two.

The winners of 'Homeschooling and Loving It' by Rebecca Kochenderfer are:
Anna Walker
Theresa Walker

Congratulations, ladies!  Keep up the good work.
I will get those sent out to you.

My little witches downtown. 
(Good witches, of the Rocky Mountains)  ;o)
Gotta love those striped leggings! 
And Abby, our dog, was just happy to be part of the festivities.

At the down town trick-or-treat festival, many children brought their dogs.  My girls begged to do the same.

Here is Chuck's knight in shining armor, carrying him so his little legs wouldn't have to work so hard.  
Who says chivalry's dead? 

He was able to leisurely check out the various costumes and booths. 
Lots of new sights and smells!
And back in the truck, ready for a nap....while the girls noisily devour their candy!


  1. awesome costumes! It looks like they had fun

  2. Hi Jessica, Wishing all of you love from Sandra and I here in wintry Nova Scotia. If you havn't heard I am here to recondition an old vessel to get ready to sail the seven seas looking for plastic debris. This is a project of a lifetime for me. It is much busy work as regulations abound on ships, much more than I would have guessed. Anyway things are moving along. We will be towing it to Halifax soon to expedite the work that it needs. We are here in Syndey a small community on Cape Breton Island, the eastern most part of Nova Scotia. I am spening Thanksgiving day waiting for insurance quotes needed for towing. Thanksgiving here in Canada was about 3 weeks ago. Love Sandra and Joel


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