Tuesday, July 26, 2016

When the Grandkids Come to Play!

Life goes into hyperdrive when our grandkids come to stay.

I'm reminded moment by moment of what my life was like not too many years ago.  Busy in a completely different, very lively kind of way.

It's cleaning and feeding and caring and listening, hugging, holding, teaching and watching, watching, watching.
Being that I'm a grandma, I can let some rules slide.  I can embrace it all, enjoy it fully and know that soon they'll go home and my own house will be...quiet and clean and rather boring again.

A glimpse of the fun:  Eating favorite foods, swimming, then eating some more...

 Meals up on the counter, slurping noodles...who needs table manners?  ;)
 Dancing while dunking cookies in milk,

Allowing them their hearts' desires;
like riding in the elevator 'time machine' at the library- if  you could only have seen the reverent awe on his face when he saw those gleaming doors and buttons that begged to be pushed and heard the whispered, "Mamie, can we ride on the tiiime machine?" (Priceless!)

Mopping my kitchen floors as often as she wants (those floors never looked better!) 

While these two munchkins enjoy their suckers and pretend-watch a 'big movie' (really, just my large painting on the wall.) They were very animated in the details of what was taking place in this movie.

Riding 4-H sheep,

Sleeping in the living room,
 and simply enjoying the summer days...

It's truly Grand! :)

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