Monday, May 2, 2016

There Is Always Something To Miss

“There is always something to miss, no matter where you are."  
-Patricia MacLachlan

So true.
I miss my children being little, miss former homes where we made memories, miss loved ones who've passed on, miss my youth.

It's easy to reminisce and think life was more precious elsewhere....back in some particular time or place of life where in hindsight, it all looks perfectly rosy.

My youngest daughter recently spoke of the song 'The House That Built Me' and how it made her sad and missing our old home.
 I pointed out that her oldest brothers and sister would think of and miss a different home, the one they spent more time at in their youth.
 I personally would think of several of my own childhood homes.  It's all about perspective, I told her. 

And darn it, life is not a song.  Life is a symphony of songs, being composed and altered day by day. 

I read an article about George Strait, the country singer, and how he and his wife had lost their young and only daughter years ago.  How their marriage and family stayed strong.  How he stayed completely true to his wife while being in the music industry.  He said he always remembered that life was not a country song and it kept him grounded.

 Marriage and family can't be pinned down that way and don't fit in tidy little compartments.
Certain lyrics or tunes can capture a moment, make us feel regret/pain/longing/contentment/joy...but they are only moments in a life. 

Life is never perfect and home is where your family is.  The imperfectness of life is what makes it so lovely. 

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