Monday, April 18, 2016


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 I have a fondness for naming and nicknaming things.  From my children to animals and places, names help convey my love for them.  (I even named the cute animals on posters hanging from my bedroom walls as a child!)

So naturally, for me, our home and farm has a name.
  It's Skylark- and the name was chosen before a single item graced the blank dirt field it once was.  Chosen for several reasons- partly from the soul connection I felt with Sarah from Patricia MacLachlan's Sarah Plain and Tall series, but mostly because of the skies and larks The Man of the House and I love so dearly.

Idaho skies are amazing.....


...and meadowlarks with their beauty and sweet song lift our spirits.

 Years ago, renting a home on another farm, The Man of the House and I would arise early while our babies slept, slip out onto the porch and sit in silence together, just listening to the meadowlarks.  It was a grand way to begin a summer morning, before our daily work began.

That's the beauty of larks- they're the first birds I hear in the early morning hours, happily proclaiming the joys of spring and summer. 

Content copyright © 2016 by Jessa at Graceful Landing

 They happen to be 'morning people,' as am I and with their sunny yellow plumage, invoke cheerfulness simply by sight.

So Skylark it was from the beginning and Skylark it is.  Whatever we make of our home, as well as our family, it's through hard work, perseverance, loads of love, faith and enormous gratitude.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for the beauty of nature and for the blessing it is upon the soul.
Thank you for our home.

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